Khmer edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Mon-Khmer *t₁iiʔ. Cognate with Pacoh ati, Bahnar ti, Bolyu ti⁵⁵, Riang [Lang] tiʔ¹. Vietnamese tay is not certainly related.

Pronunciation edit

Orthographic and Phonemic ដៃ
WT romanisation day
(standard) IPA(key) /ɗaj/

Noun edit

ដៃ (day)

  1. (anatomy) arm, hand
  2. handle, lever, crank
  3. branch (of a tree, river), offshoot
  4. tendril
  5. elephant trunk
  6. sleeve
  7. steering wheel

Derived terms edit

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Classifier edit

ដៃ (day)

  1. classifier for handfuls of young rice plants, grass
  2. classifier for slaps with the hand
  3. classifier for a bunch of areca nuts

Interjection edit

ដៃ (day)

  1. command to an elephant not to move its trunk, or not to pull something with its trunk