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Ancient GreekEdit


From Ἀλβᾰνός (Albanós) +‎ -ῐ́ᾱ (-íā).


  • (5th BCE Attic) IPA(key): /í.aː/
  • (1st CE Egyptian) IPA(key): /al.baˈni.a/
  • (4th CE Koine) IPA(key): /al.βaˈni.a/
  • (10th CE Byzantine) IPA(key): /al.vaˈni.a/
  • (15th CE Constantinopolitan) IPA(key): /al.vaˈni.a/
  • Proper nounEdit

    Ἀλβᾰνῐ́ᾱ (Albaníāf (genitive Ἀλβᾰνῐ́ᾱς); first declension

    1. (geography) Caucasian Albania
      • 1st century AD, Στράβων (Strábōn), Γεωγραφικά (Geōgraphiká), 11.14.1
        πολλοὶ δ' αὐλῶνες οἱ μὲν μέσως οἱ δὲ καὶ σφόδρα εὐδαίμονες καθάπερ τὸ Ἀραξηνὸν πεδίον, δι' οὗ ὁ Ἀράξης ποταμὸς ῥέων εἰς τὰ ἄκρα τῆς Ἀλβανίας καὶ τὴν Κασπίαν ἐκπίπτει θάλατταν, καὶ μετὰ ταῦτα ἡ Σακασηνὴ καὶ αὐτὴ τῇ Ἀλβανίᾳ πρόσχωρος καὶ τῷ Κύρῳ ποταμῷ,
        There are also many valleys, some rather fertile, and some very much so. For example, there is the Araxenian Plain, through which flows the Araxes River to the extremities of Albania and empties into the Caspian Sea. Next is the Sacasene, which borders on Albania and the Cyrus River.