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[noun] blue
[noun] one of three primary colors
[noun] a shade of blue to blue green
[noun] (dated) green
[noun] Short for 青信号 (ao-shingō): green light (traffic light color, as the color of plants)
[noun] the black, bluish color of a horse's hair; also, such a horse
[noun] (card games) Short for 青短, 青丹 (aotan): one of the three hanafuda cards bearing a blue 短冊 (tanzaku, narrow card used for poetry); a (yaku) of the three aotan cards, worth 3 points
[noun] (card games) a blue card in 天正カルタ (Tenshō karuta)
[noun] This term needs a translation to English.
[noun] This term needs a translation to English.
[prefix] unripe, young
[proper noun] a female given name
[proper noun] a surname
(This term, あお, is the hiragana spelling of the above term.)
For a list of all kanji read as あお, see Category:Japanese kanji read as あお.)