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Alternative spelling 幾ら



いくら (ikura)

  1. 幾ら: how much, how many
    Kore wa ikura desu ka.
    How much does this cost?
  2. 幾ら: no matter how much (many), however much, with all (something)
    いくらでも ()ってください。
    Ikura de mo totte kudasai.
    Please take as many as you like.
    いくら勉強 (べんきょう)してもまだ (むずか)しい。
    Ikura benkyō shite mo mada muzukashii.
    However hard I study it, it is still difficult.
    いくら欠点 (けってん)があっても (あい)している。
    Ikura ketten ga atte mo aishiteiru.
    With all her faults, I still love her.

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This term is often spelled in hiragana.

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