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[noun] (Buddhism) the four stages of existence: 生有(しょうう) (shōu, moment of birth), 本有(ほんぬ) (honnu, life), 死有(しう) (shiu, moment of death), and 中有(ちゅうう) (chūu, state between death and the next reincarnation)
[noun] (Buddhism) moment of death, one of 四有(しう) (shiu, the four stages of existence)
[noun] drizzle
[noun] (archaic) shrine
(This term, しう, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
[noun] a week (unit of time)
[counter] weeks
[proper noun] a male or female given name
(This term, しう, is a historical kana spelling of the above term.)
For a list of all kanji read as しう, see Category:Japanese kanji read as しう.)