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Proper nounEdit

なんと (rōmaji Nanto)

  1. 南都: alternate name for Heijōkyō, the capital of Japan during the Nara period. Nanto ("southern capital") is used in contrast with Hokuto ("southern capital"), an alternate name for Heiankyō.


なんと (rōmaji nanto)

  1. how; what; in what way
  2. Used to intensify an adjective. Carries connotations of surprise or being emotionally moved: what a…; how … it is
    なんときれいな (つき)だろう。
    Nanto kirei na tsuki darō.
    The moon is gorgeous tonight, isn't it?
     (ちゅう) (もん)しようとしたらなんと () ()
    Chūmon shiyō to shitara nanto urikire!
    I tried to order it, but it turned out to be sold out!


なんと (rōmaji nanto)

  1. An interjection conveying surprise or being emotionally moved.