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Stroke order


The traditional account* states that (b) is derived from (m) by the addition of a stroke (ㅁ而ㅂ [] 其因聲加畫).


  • IPA(key): /p/
  • Actual realisation:
    (word-initially) IPA(key): [p]
    (between vowels, after nasals and liquids) IPA(key): [b]
    (after stops) IPA(key): [p͈]
    (before stops, or word-finally) IPA(key): [p̚]
    (before nasals) IPA(key): [m]
    (next to /h/) IPA(key): [pʰ]



  1. 비읍 (bieup, “bieup”), a jamo (letter) of the alphabet of the Korean writing system, hangeul; the unaspirated bilabial plosive (/p/)

Usage notesEdit

In the North Korean order, (b) is the sixth jamo. In the South Korean order, it is the eighth.

Derived termsEdit

  • (p)
  • (m) (in Ledyard account)

See alsoEdit

  • (unaspirated plosive jamo): (d), (g)
  • (bilabial jamo): (m), (p)