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For pronunciation and definitions of – see 稱號 (“title; name; designation”).
(This term, 称号, is the simplified form of 稱號.)


Kanji in this term
Grade: S
Grade: 3
Alternative spelling
稱號 (kyūjitai)

Naruhito is the eldest son of the emperor emeritus Akihito. His shōgō was 浩宮 (Hiro no Miya), and he was addressed as 浩宮殿下 (Hiro no Miya Denka, His Imperial Highness the Prince Hiro). His daughter Aiko's shōgō is 敬宮 (Toshi no Miya), and she is addressed as 敬宮殿下 (Toshi no Miya Denka, Her Imperial Highness the Princess Toshi). His younger brother Fumihito's shōgō was 礼宮 (Aya no Miya), and since he was not heir apparent, he acquired the 宮号 (miyagō) 秋篠宮 (Akishino no Miya) upon his marriage, and his children do not have shōgō. Before her marriage, his younger sister Sayako's shōgō was 紀宮 (Nori no Miya).


(しょう)(ごう) (shōgō

  1. honorary title
  2. academic degree
  3. trophy in a video game
    Shōgō ga kakutoku dekimasu.
    You can attain a trophy.
  4. (monarchy) the title of address given to one of the Japanese emperor's or his heir apparent's (not heir presumptive's) children (thus, children of the main branch of the family, not of the 宮家 (miyake, cadet branches)); compare 宮号 (miyagō)