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Etymology edit

(あか) (aka, red) + 詰草(つめくさ) (tsumekusa, clover)

Pronunciation edit

  • (Tokyo) かつ [àkátsúꜜmèkùsà] (Nakadaka – [3])
  • (Tokyo) かつめ [àkátsúméꜜkùsà] (Nakadaka – [4])
  • IPA(key): [a̠ka̠t͡sɨᵝme̞kɯ̟̊ᵝsa̠]

Noun edit

赤詰草: red clover

(あか)(つめ)(くさ) or 赤詰草(アカツメクサ) (akatsumekusa

  1. red clover (Trifolium pratense)
    Synonyms: 紫詰草 (murasakitsumekusa), 飼料草 (shiryōgusa)

References edit

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