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Particularly: “What is jamaek? How does it derive from 잠그— (jamgeu-)? And the definition given on the 잠그— (jamgeu-) entry is to fasten, to lock -- not to dip, submerge.”

From (mul, “water”) and 자맥질 (jamaekjil, “dipping, diving”), the latter from *자맥 (jamaek, “jamaek”) (from 잠그— (jamgeu-, “to dip, submerge”)) and the nominalisation suffix (-jil, “the act of doing ...”).


무자맥질 (mujamaekjil)

  1. dipping, diving, ducking


Related termsEdit

  • (mul, “water”)
  • 잠그다 (jamgeuda, “to dip, submerge”)
  • (, myeok, “dipping, bathing (in waters)”)
  • 미역 (miyeok, “dipping, bathing (in waters)”)
  • (-jil, “deal”)

Derived termsEdit