First attested in the Worin seokbo (月印釋譜 / 월인석보), 1459, as Middle Korean 조개 (Yale: cwokay).

Also attested in the Neung-eomgyeong eonhae (楞嚴經諺解 / 능엄경언해), 1461, as Middle Korean 죠개 (Yale: cywokay).


Revised Romanization? jogae
Revised Romanization (translit.)? jogae
McCune–Reischauer? chogae
Yale Romanization? cokay

South Gyeongsang (Busan) pitch accent: 의 / 조에 / 조개

Syllables in red take high pitch. This word always takes high pitch only on the second syllable, except before consonant-initial multisyllabic suffixes, when it takes full low pitch.


조개 (jogae)

  1. molluscan shellfish
  2. clam

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