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Borrowed from Korean 부산(釜山) (Busan).

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  1. A metropolitan city of South Korea. It is the second largest city and the largest port city in Korea. It is also well known for its beaches and port.
    • 2023 May 15, Martin Kuebler, “Rising sea levels: Is land reclamation still viable?”, in DW News[1], archived from the original on 19 May 2023[2]:
      "We are seeing cases where the newly built urban spaces are beginning to experience sudden flooding and storm surge," said Choi. She highlighted the case of Marine City in Busan, South Korea, a residential community dominated by upscale skyscrapers, where successive typhoons over the last decade have tossed waves over seawalls and submerged nearby streets.

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  • (obsolete, from Japanese) Fusan

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Busan m or f

  1. Busan (a city in South Korea)