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Sino-Korean word from 形容詞 (adjective)


  • IPA(key)[çjʌ̹ŋjoŋsʰa̠]
  • Phonetic Hangul[]
Revised Romanization? hyeong-yongsa
Revised Romanization (translit.)? hyeong-yongsa
McCune–Reischauer? hyŏngyongsa
Yale Romanization? hyeng.yongsa


형용사 (hyeong-yongsa) (hanja 形容詞)

  1. (grammar) adjective; descriptive words

Usage notesEdit

Words categorized as 형용사 (hyeong-yongsa) conjugate similarly to verbs, so some English texts translate 형용사 (hyeong-yongsa) as "descriptive verb" or as "stative verb", but 형용사 (hyeong-yongsa) are distinctly separate from 동사 (動詞, dongsa, “verbs”).

English does not have an identical grammatical category, so the English translation of Korean words classified as 형용사 (hyeong-yongsa) may misleadingly suggest that the words are verbs. For example, 붉다 (bukda, “to be red”) and 아쉽다 (aswipda, “to miss”) are both 형용사 (hyeong-yongsa, “adjectives”).

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