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Mycenaean GreekEdit


Possibly from Hittite π’€Έπ’‹—π’‰Ώ (AΕ‘Ε‘uwa, β€œnorthwest Anatolia”) of uncertain origin, but perhaps from either:

  • Akkadian π’€€π’‹— (β€œto go out, to rise”), a reference to the rising sun, hence β€œland of the sunrise.”
  • a proposed Aegean language family word "asis", meaning "muddy" or "silty", as reference to the silty eastern shores of the Aegean sea.


π€€π€―π€Ήπ€Š (a-si-wi-ja)

  1. an ethnonym for a Lydian (Asian)
  2. an epithet of the goddess Potnia


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