𒄿 U+1213F, 𒄿
Cuneiform 𒅀

Translingual edit

Cuneiform sign edit

𒄿 Sign Number
MZL 252
Deimel 142
HZL 217
𒀼, 𒋰

Derived signs edit

References edit

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  • Chr. Rüster, E. Neu, Hethitisches Zeichenlexikon (HZL), Wiesbaden (1989)

Akkadian edit

Sign values edit

Sign 𒄿
Sumerograms I
Phonetic values i

Etymology edit

Orthographic borrowing from Sumerian 𒄿 (i, to praise, to cry).

Logogram edit

𒄿 (I)

  1. Sumerogram of nâdum (to praise, celebrate)
  2. Sumerogram of nâqum (to cry out, wail)

Sumerian edit

Etymology 1 edit

Alternative forms of
𒄿𒄿 (i-i)

Interjection edit

𒄿 (i)

  1. (vocative interjection) hey

Etymology 2 edit

Verb edit

𒄿 (i)

  1. to sprout, come forth
  2. to praise
  3. to cry

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References edit

  • 𒄿 (i, hey)” in ePSD2
  • 𒄿 (i, to praise)” in ePSD2