𒋰 U+122F0, 𒋰
Cuneiform 𒋱

Translingual edit

Cuneiform sign edit

𒋰 Sign Number
MZL 209
Deimel 124
HZL 90

References edit

English Wikipedia has an article on:
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  • A. Deimel, Šumerisches Lexikon (Deimel), Rome (1947)
  • Chr. Rüster, E. Neu, Hethitisches Zeichenlexikon (HZL), Wiesbaden (1989)

Akkadian edit

Sign values edit

Sign 𒋰
Sumerograms 2, MIN₆, TAB
Phonetic values tab/tap

Etymology edit

Orthographic borrowing from Sumerian 𒋰 (tab, to burn; to double; fever).

Logogram edit

𒋰 (TAB)

  1. Sumerogram of edēlum (to shut, lock)
  2. Sumerogram of eṣēpum (to double)
  3. Sumerogram of ḫamāṭum (to burn)
  4. Sumerogram of ḫimṭum (burning; fever)

Sumerian edit

Etymology 1 edit

Verb edit

𒋰 (tab)

  1. to begin, to start
  2. to burn
    1. to make or dye red
    2. to brand, to mark
  3. to double, to repeat
    1. to partner, to be parallel
  4. to flatten, to lay flat
  5. to grasp, to hold

Noun edit

𒋰 (tab)

  1. companion, partner
  2. illness, disease (perhaps originally a fever derived from "to burn")

Etymology 2 edit

Numeral edit

𒋰 (min₆ /min/)

  1. Alternative form of 𒈫 (min)