• -альный: IPA(key): [əlʲnɨj]
  • -а́льный: IPA(key): [ˈalʲnɨj]


-альный or -а́льный (-alʹnyj or -álʹnyj)

  1. Used to form adjectives from verbs, especially those in -ать (-atʹ).
    игра́ть (igrátʹ, to play) + ‎-а́льный (-álʹnyj) → ‎игра́льный (igrálʹnyj, (relational) playing)
    приста́ть (pristátʹ, to adhere) + ‎-альный (-alʹnyj) → ‎при́стальный (prístalʹnyj, intent, rapt)

Usage notesEdit

Many, perhaps most, adjectives ending in -альный are not formed from verbs but rather are formed by adding the extremely common ending -ный (-nyj) to a borrowed (usually French, German or English) adjective ending in -al, -el or -ell, e.g. вертика́льный (vertikálʹnyj, vertical), from German vertikal or directly from French vertical, and similarly актуа́льный (aktuálʹnyj, current, timely), from German aktuell or directly from French actuel.


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