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Georgian edit

Alternative forms edit

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ze/
  • Hyphenation: -ზე

Postposition edit

-ზე (-ze)

  1. on, above, onto
    on the table
  2. Describes reason or purpose.
    ბავშვის ტირილზე გამეღვიძა.
    bavšvis ṭirilze gameɣviʒa.
    Because the baby cried, I woke up.
    წყალზე გავდივარ.
    c̣q̇alze gavdivar.
    I'm going for water.
  3. Describes where action takes place.
    დღეს ლექციაზე არ ვყოფილვარ.
    dɣes lekciaze ar vq̇opilvar.
    I have not attended lectures today.
  4. about
    რას ფიქრობთ ამ საკითხზე?
    ras pikrobt am saḳitxze?
    What do you think about this topic?
  5. than
    შენზე მაღალი
    šenze maɣali
    taller than you

Usage notes edit

  • The postposition is suffixed to nouns in dative case, taking the place of the dative ending -ს (-s).

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