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Georgian edit

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Particle edit

-ც (-c)

  1. too, also
    მე ვიყავი იქ.
    mec viq̇avi ik.
    I was there, too.
  2. Particle that emphasizes a pronoun it's added to and can make it a conjunction.
    წიგნი, რომელი წავიკითხე, ძალიან საინტერესო იყო.
    c̣igni, romelic c̣aviḳitxe, ʒalian sainṭereso iq̇o.
    The book, which I read, was very interesting.

Usage notes edit

  • To the left side of the particle is always a vowel (either an end of a case marker or the euphonic suffix -ა (-a)).

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