Gamilaraay edit

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit


  1. covered with
  2. with a lots of
  3. full of

References edit

  • (2003) Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay Yuwaalayaay Dictionary

Romanian edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Latin -abilis, Italian -abile; cf. French -able.

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

-bil m or n (feminine singular -bilă, masculine plural -bili, feminine and neuter plural -bile)

  1. -able, -ible (forms adjectives with the meaning "able to be" from verbs)
    gonfla + ‎-bil → ‎gonflabil
    substitui + ‎-bil → ‎substituibil
    bea + ‎-bil → ‎băubil

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