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Etymology edit

Inherited from Latin -ēnus, which forms adjectives of belonging or origin from a noun, or from -ineus.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈeɲo/ [ˈe.ɲo]
  • Rhymes: -eɲo
  • Syllabification: -e‧ño

Suffix edit

-eño (adjective-forming suffix, feminine -eña, masculine plural -eños, feminine plural -eñas)

  1. coming from, related to, or like
    trigo (wheat) + ‎-eño → ‎trigueño (similar to wheat)
    Navidad (Christmas) + ‎-eño → ‎navideño (Christmas (relational))

Usage notes edit

  • Forms adjectives from nouns, but the adjectives in turn often come to be used as nouns.

Suffix edit

-eño m (noun-forming suffix, plural -eños, feminine -eña, feminine plural -eñas)

  1. one from, belonging to, relating to, made from, or like
    Brasil (Brazil) + ‎-eño → ‎brasileño (Brazilian, adjective) → ‎brasileño (Brazilian, noun)
    barro (clay) + ‎-eño → ‎barreño (earthenware bowl)

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