Japanese edit

Romanization edit


  1. Rōmaji transcription of たん

Pipil edit

Adverb edit


  1. near.

Turkish edit

Suffix edit


  1. Alternative form of -dan

Ye'kwana edit

Alternative forms edit

  • -chan (allomorph before i)

Etymology edit

From the singular/third-person form -ta.

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit


  1. Directs that the command or request expressed by a verb must be executed somewhere else and not at the place where the order was given when the verb is in the non-third-person plural, i.e. when the suffix is followed by -tö.

References edit

  • Cáceres, Natalia (2011) Grammaire Fonctionnelle-Typologique du Ye’kwana[1], Lyon, page 235