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See also: tard, t-ard, and 'tard




From retard.



  1. (slang) Used to form words conveying an attitude of contempt or doubt over the subject's intelligence.
    • 2012, Geoffrey Nunberg, Ascent of the A-word: Assholism, the First Sixty Years[1], page 188:
      The left-right parallels are obvious, too, in the puerile nicknames used by radio hosts and in the comment threads of blogs and articles, whether for each other (libtards, dumbocrats, repugnicans, repukes), for public figures (Dumbya, Slick Willie, Shillary, Michael Moron), or for the media themselves (lamestream media, "Faux News").
  2. (slang) A thing associated with persons of low intelligence.
    • 2014, Michaelbrent Collings, This Darkness Light[2], page 249:
      ʺOK, not that. No diddling the dumbtard.ʺ He paused. ʺWouldnʹt blame you if you were, though. Sheʹs kinda dishy.ʺ

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