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Etymology edit

From earlier *-au < *-ao < *-ado, from Proto-Finnic *-o (whence also Finnish -o) plus the inflectional stem of verbs ending in *-at'ak. Cognates include Karelian -avo.

Suffix edit

-uu (front vowel harmony variant -yy)

  1. Forms nouns from verbs.
    evätä (to deny) + ‎-uu → ‎epuu (refusal)
    hakata (to beat, chop, cut) + ‎-uu → ‎hakkuu (chopping, logging)
    kerätä (to collect) + ‎-uu → ‎keruu (collecting)

Usage notes edit

This suffix is used for some verbs whose citation form ends in -ata or -ätä. The back vowel harmony form -uu is used even when the stem has e or i. The verbal stem is in the strong grade if applicable.

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