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See also: uu, UU, .u'u, .uu, ûu, ũu, and üü




From earlier *-au < *-ao < *-ado, from Proto-Finnic *-o (whence also Finnish -o) plus the inflectional stem of verbs ending in *-at'ak. Cognates include Karelian -avo.


-uu (front vowel harmony variant -yy)

  1. Forms nouns from verbs.
    evätä (to deny)epuu (refusal)
    hakata (to beat, chop, cut)hakkuu (chopping, logging)
    kerätä (to collect)keruu (collecting)

Usage notesEdit

This suffix is used for some verbs whose citation form ends in -ata or -ätä. The back vowel harmony form -uu is used even when the stem has e or i. The verbal stem is in the strong grade if applicable.

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