1@Nose-FingerBack 1@FromNose-FingerForward

American Sign Language edit

Alternative forms edit

  • The finger may begin pointing across to the nose rather than back to the nose.
  • After touching the nose, the finger may be drawn back near the cheek and then flung forward forcibly.

Etymology edit

The origin starts with pointing to a nose as it's indicative of being "nosy", which means prying for information in an intrusive sense. In morphological form: "Nosy? Not so." has introduced a new form for "Don't Mind".

Production edit

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  • This one-handed ASL sign is usually made while twisting the head from side to side (the typical “no” headshake):
    1. Posture the hand in the “1” handshape with the finger tip touching the nose.
    2. Hold the hand still briefly.
    3. Twist the hand forward so the finger points forward and slightly down.
    4. Hold the hand still briefly.

Verb edit

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  1. not to mind; not to care; to be indifferent

Related terms edit

Adjective edit

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  1. indifferent; nonchalant