Blend of 4k and intro. See k(kilobyte).


4ktro ‎(plural 4ktros)

  1. (demoscene) An intro that can be stored in four kilobytes of memory (intended to challenge the programmer, who must write compact and efficient code to achieve this).
    • 1996, "Hagen Deike", InterCon LAST CHANCE (on newsgroup fido.ger.ibm)
      Win a price[sic] in the 4ktro compo! Win a price in the grafix compo! Win a price in the music compo! Join the Autumn Event in South Germany!
    • 1997, "h75h70", ZShell anyone? (on newsgroup rec.games.programmer)
      I thought about writing a 4ktro for the TI-83 once, but really the only effects you could do would be rotozoomers, wire vectors, and scrollers.