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Brand name of the 1930s, of uncertain origin. Some theories include:

  • The product of 7 ingredients: sugar, carbonated water, essence of lemon and lime oils, citric acid, sodium citrate, and lithium citrate; and “Up” referring to the lithium mood lift.
  • Originally sold in 7-ounce bottles, unlike most other soft drinks (6oz).
  • Its inventor, Charles Leiper Grigg, saw cattle branded with a similar mark and drew inspiration from it.
  • Grigg thought of it while rooting for sevens during a game of craps.
  • That its pH is over 7, which is false—actually 3.79.
  • A coded reference to the lithium it originally contained, which has an atomic weight of around 7.[1]

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7 Up (countable and uncountable, plural 7 Ups)

  1. A lemon-lime-flavored, non-caffeinated soft drink.

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  • As of 2017, the drink is branded 7 Up in the US and 7up in other territories.

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