English edit

Etymology edit

AIDS +‎ -er

Noun edit

AIDSer (plural AIDSers)

  1. (informal, sometimes derogatory) A person suffering from AIDS.
    • 1985, Instauration, volume 11, page 2:
      My nominee for Majority Renegade of the Year? AIDSer Rock Hudson, who played a macho playboy on Dynasty knowing full well he was a victim of the homo plague. Not a nice man.
    • 2004, Ross Chambers, “Death at the Door”, in Untimely Interventions: AIDS Writing, Testimonial, and the Rhetoric of Haunting, Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, →ISBN, page 44:
      This is most notably the case when the surviving writer is also an AIDSer (also surviving a dying) or is so closely bonded with the one who has died as to deny the difference in their identities (as, for example, in Monette's Borrowed Time).

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