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From Ancient Greek Ἀγλαΐα (Aglaḯa, literally Splendour, Glory, Glow).

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  1. (Greek mythology) One of the Charites (the youngest, although Homer names another younger).
  2. (Greek mythology) A daughter of Asclepius and goddess/personification of good health and the glow of health.
  3. (Greek mythology) A daughter of Mantineus, founder of Mantinea, the wife of Abas and mother of the twins Acrisius and Proetus; also known as Ocalea.
  4. (Greek mythology) A daughter of Thespius and Megamede who bore Heracles a son, Antiades.
  5. (Greek mythology) A nymph who was mother of Nireus by Charopus, king of Syme.
  6. (Greek mythology) The wife of Amythaon and mother of Melampus and Bias.
  7. (astronomy) The main-belt asteroid 47 Aglaja, named after the Aglaea of the Charites.