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Relief map of the Alps
Aerial view of the Pennine Alps
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Late Middle English, from earlier Alpes, from Old English Alpis, ultimately from Latin Alpēs; in later use partly via French. Compare German Alp.

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Alps pl (plural only)

  1. (usually with "the") A mountain range in Western Europe, running from France to Slovenia, the highest peak of which is Mont Blanc, at 4808 metres.

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  • Hindi: ऐल्प्स (ailps)
  • Japanese: アルプス (Arupusu)
  • Urdu: الپس(alps)

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Alps m pl (plural only)

  1. Alps (a mountain range in Western Europe)

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Alps m

  1. genitive singular of Alp

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Alps m pl

  1. Alternative form of Aups