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Appendix:English terms for religious opponents

There are a number of words to denote religious opponents that bear specific meanings in particular contexts. Many of these words may be used in pejorative sense, as a token of religious intolerance.

Terms with meanings of "renegade" or "opponent"Edit

Terms that mean "not of our religion"Edit

  • heathen (not a Christian)
  • infidel (not a Christian or not a Muslim)
  • kafir (a person who is neither a Muslim nor a "Person of the Books - Ahl-al-Kitab")
  • pagan (not of monotheistic religion)
  • gentile (not a Jew; not a Mormon)
  • goy (not a Jew)
  • Yavanas/Mleccha(outsiders, Not a Hindu)

Those who deny, oppose or restrict the influence of religionEdit

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