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Cmavo | Particle or Structure WordEdit

ka (rafsi kam)

  1. (property abstractor) Indicates the quality or property of the following clause; -ness, -ty, -hood.
    simlu le ka rarna
    It seems to be natural (lit. seems the naturalness).
    la meiris. jinvi le du'u le ka bunre cu melbi
    Mary thinks that the color brown (lit. brownness) is beautiful.
    le ka titla cu vrusi lo sakta
    Sweetness is a flavor of sugar.

Usage notesEdit

  • This is an abstractor which applied to a selbri returns a sumti which describes the quality of that selbri. For example, for the selbri blanu (blue), ka blanu would mean "blueness".
  • The elidable terminator for a phrase begun with ka is kei.
    • Use kei only if it has an effect on the parse structure and that effect is desirable; otherwise kei can be elided.