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CRP (plural CRPs)

  1. (biochemistry, immunology) Initialism of C-reactive protein.
  2. (software) Initialism of composite reuse principle.
  3. (Internet) Initialism of critical rendering path.

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  1. (historical, US politics) Initialism of Committee to Re-elect the President, which raised money for Richard Nixon's campaign for 1972 reelection.
    • 1974 April 22, “The Press: Woodstein Meets Deep Throat”, in Time[1], ISSN 0040-781X:
      The only major source whom the reporters reveal by name is Hugh Sloan, the slight young Nixon operative who resigned as treasurer of the Committee to Re-Elect the President when he learned of C.R.P.’s sordid political involvements. Sloan led the reporters onto the fact that funds for the burglary came from C.R.P.