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English RPC (Russia Paralympic Committee)

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  1. The national identifier for Russians in international parasports recognized by the International Paralympic Committee IPC, while Russia is under ban by the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport supporting the ban enacted by the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA.
    Synonym: (codes for Russia when it is not banned) RUS
    Coordinate terms: (codes for Russians while Russia is banned) ROC, RAF, RHF

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  1. (sports) Abbreviation of Russian Paralympic Committee (an organization).
    Coordinate terms: NPC, IPC, ROC

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  • Translingual: RPC

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RPC (plural RPCs)

  1. (computing) Initialism of remote procedure call.

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remote procedure call

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  • IPA(key): /ɛʁ
  • (file)

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  1. Initialism of République populaire de Chine (PRC).
  2. (Canada) Initialism of Régime de pensions du Canada (Canada Pension Plan): CPP

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  1. Initialism of República Popular China (PRC).