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  1. brown as a berry
  2. like throwing a hot dog down a hallway
  3. mind like a steel trap
  4. happy as a prince
  5. gay as springtime
  6. red as a beetroot
  7. black as a dog's guts
  8. lower than a snake's belly
  9. like peas and carrots
  10. dry as a dead dingo's donger
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  1. like a moth to the flame
  2. sound as a roach
  3. like a bear with a sore head
  4. mad as a hornet
  5. fit as a Mallee bull
  6. deader than disco
  7. clean as a new penny
  8. fresh as a rose
  9. hearty as a buck
  10. big as a barn

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English figures of speech in which one thing is compared to another.

For more information, see Appendix:English similes.

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