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Templates used to show declension tables for Greek verbs.

Appendix:Greek verbs
Help: Wiktionary:Greek verb inflection-table templates/Parameters

  • A) 1st conjugation, endings: , passive: -ομαι example: αγοράζω (agorázo, I buy), δηλώνω (dilóno, I state) & see Appendix:1st.
  • A) 2nd conjugation, endings: , passive: -μαι as follows: (The hyphen separates codes for active-passive when they are inflected differently.)
    • A1 for endings: -άω/, -άς, -ά, ... passive: -ιέμαι, example: αγαπάω (agapáo, I love)
    • A2 for endings: , -άς, -ά, ... passive: -ώμαι, example: ανακτώ (anaktó, I regain)
    • B for endings: , -είς, -εί, ... passive: -ούμαι, example: ασκώ (askó, I exercise)
    • C for passives with endings: -άμαι, -άσαι, -άται, ... example: κοιμάμαι (koimámai, I sleep)
  • B) templates for the creation of tables (not to be used directly)
  • C) templates for substitutions (not to be used directly)
  • D) conjugations for irregular verbs or verbs with complex editing

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