From Ancient Greek ἀσκέω / ἀσκῶ. For senses "practice profession", "exert" semantic loan from French exercer.


  • IPA(key): /aˈsko/
  • Hyphenation: α‧σκώ


ασκώ (askó) (past άσκησα, passive ασκούμαι)

  1. (sports, of any dexterity) train, practise (UK), practice (US), exercise, instruct
    ασκώ τους μύες του σώματός μου, τη μνήμη, το μυαλό
    askó tous mýes tou sómatós mou, ti mními, to myaló
    I train the muscles of my body, memory, the mind
    Ασκούμαι κάθε μέρα με τρέξιμο και γυμναστική.
    Askoúmai káthe méra me tréximo kai gymnastikí.
    I train myself every day with running and exercise.
    1. (military) drill, train
  2. practice, engage in (profession, avocation)
    ασκώ δικηγορίαaskó dikigoríaI practice the law (I am a lawyer)
  3. exert, exercise
    ασκώ τα δικαιώματά μουaskó ta dikaiómatá mouI exercise my rights
    ασκώ εξουσία, δύναμη, γοητείαaskó exousía, dýnami, goïteíaI exercise authority, power, charm



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