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  1. Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/lapa
  2. Reconstruction:Old Ruthenian/хохулꙗ
  3. Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/kupľati
  4. Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/lisьjь
  5. Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/tamo
  6. Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/sьcati
  7. Reconstruction:Proto-Indo-European/dʰe
  8. Reconstruction:Proto-Celtic/krissus
  9. Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/ovo

Pages containing Proto-Slavic links where a manual link fragment has been given.

This occurs when the link fragment has been specified using # after the term, which overrides the normal fragment generated by link templates that points to the relevant language section.

Link fragments are used to point to a specific section on a target page, and it is preferable to use the |id= parameter to do this, since it is less likely to break if additional content is added to the target page: for example, the fragment #Adjective will start pointing to the wrong section if another language with an adjective section is added above the intended language.