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English citations of hatcheck and hatchecks

Etymology 1: hat + checkEdit

  • 1914–1915, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman [eds.], Mother Earth Bulletin (Greenwood Reprint Corp.), series 1, volume 9, page 369
    Admission 25 cents — Hatcheck 15 cents.
  • 1919, George Sylvester Viereck, Viereck’s (The Fatherland Corp.), volume 10, page 155
    The following appeal in French and in English is handed out with the hatchecks in Henri’s Restaurant, Lynbrook, Long Island, of which Henri Charpentier is the amiable owner. Evidently this is not a restaurant to be patronized by persons who refuse to mix hate with their cocktails. It might, however, serve as headquarters for certain “friends” of German Democracy.

Etymology 2: variant of háčekEdit