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Cixous +‎ -ian


Cixousian (comparative more Cixousian, superlative most Cixousian)

  1. Of or relating to Hélène Cixous (born 1937), French feminist writer, philosopher, and literary critic.
    • 1997, Sidney I. Dobrin, Constructing Knowledges
      Worsham understands that Junker needs to validate Cixousian theory through composition pedagogy in order for her, like other compositionists, to find it to be a useful theory.
    • 2005, Lee A. Jacobus, Regina Barreca, Hélène Cixous: Critical Impressions (page 81)
      The Cixousian sentence is manipulated from back to front by its intrinsic infinity: the sentence is no longer a logical unit, a synthetic entity, a pause in the concept, but a stream with no banks or external constraints []