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the Congress

  1. The two legislative bodies of the United States: the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  2. (Philippines) The legislature of the Philippines.
    1. (more specifically) The House of Representatives of the Philippines.
  3. (India) Clipping of Indian National Congress.


  1. A census-designated place in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States.
  2. A village in Wayne County, Ohio, United States.
  3. A hamlet in the Rural Municipality of Stonehenge, No. 73, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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  • (the two legislative bodies of the US): Capitol Hill
  • (Indian National Congress): INC

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Congress (plural Congresses)

  1. (US) A two-year session of the Congress, commencing after a Federal election and ending before the next one.
    • 1946, Emil F. Faith, Richard Gibbs Browne, Our Civic Life and Progress, Mentzer, Bush & Company, page 248:
      Two regular sessions of our federal legislative body are called a Congress, and Congresses have been numbered consecutively since the first one met in 1789. The first two sessions were called the first Congress; []