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From Sanskrit द्राविड (drāviḍa) +‎ -ian. *tamiḻ > *damiḷ > damiḷa- / damila- and further, with the intrusive, 'hypercorrect' (or perhaps analogical) -r-, into dr(a/ā)viḍa.

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  1. A family of related ethnicities and languages primarily in Southern India, Northeast Sri Lanka, and parts of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  2. Any of the languages of these aboriginal peoples; Dravidic.

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Dravidian (plural Dravidians)

  1. A member of any of several aboriginal peoples of India and Sri Lanka thought to have spread in India before Aryan migration.

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Dravidian (comparative more Dravidian, superlative most Dravidian)

  1. Of or relating to the Dravidian people or language.

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