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Borrowed from Irish Éamonn (Edmund). Doublet of Edmund.

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  1. A male given name from Irish Éamonn, Éamann [in turn from Old English Ēadmund (prosperity protector)], variant of Edmund; variant forms Eamonn, Eamann, Eaman.
    • 1992, Colm Tóibín, The Heather Blazing, Picador, published 1993, →ISBN, page 25:
      The workman in charge was called Eamonn Breen. He said that there were two 'n's in Eamonn.
      'I'm called after Eamon de Valera,' Eamon said. 'And he's the Taoiseach.'
      'Yes, and he's wrong,' Eamonn Breen said.
      'You're nor Fianna Fáil', he said. Eamonn Breen later told his father what had happened and they both laughed.

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