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Old EnglishEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From the plural of ġetwisa (twin), translating Latin Geminī.


  • IPA(key): /jeˈtwi.sɑn/, [jeˈtwi.zɑn]


Ġetwisan m pl

  1. (astronomy) Gemini (constellation)
    Þā Ġetwisan liċġaþ betwēoh þām Fearre be westan him and þām Crabban be ēastan.
    Gemini lies between Taurus to the west and Cancer to the east.
  2. (astrology) Gemini (Zodiac sign)
    • c. 995, Ælfric, Excerptiones de Arte Grammatica Anglice
      Sume naman sind ēac þe nabbaþ ānfeald ġetæl, ac bēoþ ǣfre maniġfealdlīċe ġecwedene, swā swā bēoþ twā þāra twelf tācna, Ġetwisan and Fiscas.
      There are also some nouns that don't have a singular number, but are always used in the plural, including two of the twelve Zodiac signs, Gemini and Pisces.