Guardian +‎ -ista



Guardianista (plural Guardianistas)

  1. (Britain, slang, derogatory) A reader of the Guardian newspaper, regarded as middle-class, excessively liberal and politically correct, etc.
    • 2005, Tim Worstall, 2005: Dispatches from the Blogosphere:
      And so the Guardianista is prepared for a tragic story of injustice and retribution, brought about by the evil that stalks the dark corners of cyberspace.
    • 2007, Adam Thorpe, Between Each Breath:
      [] the shrieking 'Guardianista' class and poor old Trevor Norris, because Trevor Norris was a local pain in the arse who'd once opposed a Heath development []
    • 2007, Better an engine driver than a Guardianista! (Daily Mail, 10 December 2007)
      But if councils were still run part-time by engine drivers — not self-regarding, pious Guardianistas — at the very least we'd get our dustbins emptied once a week.