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English Edit

Etymology Edit

From a Middle English given name derived from Johan, variant of John, or less often from Henry or Randolph.

Proper noun Edit


  1. A surname originating as a patronymic.

Verb Edit

Hann (third-person singular simple present Hanns, present participle Hanning, simple past and past participle Hanned)

  1. (transitive, signal processing) To apply the Hann function to (a signal).

Anagrams Edit

Pennsylvania German Edit

Etymology 1 Edit

From Middle High German hirne, hërne, from Old High German hirni (brain), from Proto-West Germanic *hirʀnī, from Proto-Germanic *hirzniją (brain). Compare German Hirn.

Noun Edit

Hann n (plural Hanner)

  1. brain

Etymology 2 Edit

From Middle High German and Old High German horn. Compare German Horn, Dutch hoorn, English horn.

Noun Edit

Hann n (plural Hanner)

  1. horn

Polish Edit

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): /xann/
  • Rhymes: -ann
  • Syllabification: Hann

Proper noun Edit

Hann f

  1. genitive plural of Hanna