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Blend of Internet +‎ tubes. Inspired by the famous "Series of tubes" analogy used on June 28, 2006 by then United States Senator Ted Stevens to describe the Internet.

Proper nounEdit

Intertubes pl

  1. (chiefly Internet slang, humorous) The Internet.
    • 2007, David Gewirtz, Where have all the emails gone? (citing a March 30, 2007 blog post on Corrente Wire), Zatz, p. 95:
      Nameserver administrators also provide email forwarding, which is the equivalent of call-forwarding on the Intertubes.
    • 2008, January, Rik Myslewski, "Deep Tech - Multicore Management", Mac Life, vol. 2, issue 1, p. 17:
      (If you missed my musings, you can find them on the Intertubes here [link removed])
    • 2009, Bob & Jenna Torres, Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World, 2nd ed., PM Press, p. 52:
      Go on out to the wilds of the Intertubes and have a look: there are approximately 8,234,58721 vegan food blogs []

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