Map of Kaohsiung (labeled as 高雄市 KAO-HSIUNG SHIH (TAKAO)) and surrounding area (1951)
Map of the South China Sea including Kao-hsiung (upper right)


From the Wade-Giles romanization of the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for 高雄 (Kao¹-hsiung²).

Proper nounEdit


  1. Alternative form of Kaohsiung
    • 1949, United States Relations With China[1], United States Department of State, page 796:
      Plans have been made by the National Resources Commission for the rehabilitation and expansion of three plants in Taiwan, at Kao-hsiung, Tsu-Tung and Suao (the latter is poorly located and was badly damaged by bombing); by the Kwa Hsin Cement Company for the development of a new plant at Tayeh, for the rehabilitation and expansion from 200 to 500 tons per day of the North China Cement Company, and the development of the Hunan Cement Company with a capacity of 500 tons per day.
    • 1951, Conferring of Degrees at the Close of the Seventy-fifth Academic Year[2], Baltimore, page 15:
      KUANG CHI LIANG, of Kao-hsiung, Formosa, China, M. D.
      Taihoku Imperial University, 1945.
    • 2015, Ha Jin, A Map of Betrayal[3], Thorndike, Maine: Center Point Large Print, →ISBN, page 205:
      She'd once had a boyfriend in Kao-hsiung, a journalist who'd died in a ferry accident seven years before. That man was an overseas Chinese from Indonesia but had lived in Taiwan most of his life.