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Kirgizstāna (Āzijā)
Kirgizstānas karogs

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Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Kyrgyz Кыргызстан (Kırgızstan), from Kyrgyz кыргыз (kırgız) and Persian استان(estân), a common ending for country names. In Latvian, the word was made into a feminine, 4th-declension noun, following the general pattern for country names.

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Kirgizstāna f (4th declension)

  1. Kyrgyzstan (a country in Central Asia; capital: Bishkek)
    Kirgizstānas karogsthe flag of Kyrgyzstan
    Kirgizstānas politiskās opozīcijathe political opposition of Kyrgyzstan
    opozīcija pārņem varu Kirgizstānāthe opposition takes power in Kyrgyzstan

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