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Six LARPers in Germany.

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LARP +‎ -er



LARPer (plural LARPers)

  1. A person who takes part in LARP (live-action role-play).
    • 2006, Ringo, John, Princess of Wands:
      “Which is why I'm thinking LARPer,” Griffith argued. “Goths interact with non-Goths more in LARPing than anywhere else. And there are non-Goth look people that hang with the Goths.”
    • 2016 February 19, Mullin, Joe, “Archery company sues LARPer over patents, then files gag motion to silence him”, in Ars Technica[1]:
      Gwyther founded five years ago as a community hub where LARPers could talk to each other and find local events. Over time, he also started selling certain items useful to LARPers, like leather and metal armor, latex weapons, and foam arrows.

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